SmartVet bolsters its innovative VetGun Delivery Platform with the addition of AiM-A Abamectin VetCaps for cattle -a disruptive new tool that now facilitates in-season rotation to combat horn fly resistance.

Olathe, Kansas (May 11, 2017)


SmartVet, and its distribution partner AgriLabs, are pleased to announce the regulatory approval and launch of AiM-A Abamectin VetCaps, a new VetCap insecticide for use with the VetGun Delivery System for cattle.

SmartVet is again disrupting the market by developing a first-in-class program for the rotation of two different modes of activity within the same parasite season. By color coding its VetCaps, SmartVet has made the rotation process simple and intuitive. The proven convenience of the VetGun enables a rancher to dose an entire herd out at pasture - no need for extra labor or handling facilities. Simplifying delivery means ranchers can now use insecticides only when parasites are causing them economic damage.

Effective chemical rotation within the same season

By minimizing the time horn flies are exposed to an insecticide, and rotating chemical classes in the same season, we decrease the opportunity for pesticide resistance factor to build up in population of these harmful parasites. The VetGun has just raised the bar in the fight against parasite resistance!

Introducing AiM-A Abamectin

VetGun is the proven easy-to-use, precision-dosage delivery system for treating parasites on cattle. VetCaps are now  available in two different modes-of-action – for optimum parasite control. The new AiM-A VetCap (Abamectin) is a significant addition to the VetGun delivery platform, offering cattlemen yet another tool to efficiently and effectively control parasites on cattle. Abamectin is a topically-applied Macrocyclic Lactone (ML) in the same avermectin family as the well established ivermectin and eprinomectin molecules.

AiM-A will be available through AgriLabs’ national distribution network late May.

Disrupting the market with effective IN-SEASON rotation and precision medicine to help combat horn fly resistance

When used in rotation with the existing AiM-L VetCap (Lambda Cyhalothrin), a Synthetic Pyrethroid, it delivers a 1-2 punch of two different modes of action. With the introduction of AiM-A Abamectin, cattle producers now have the ability to provided correctly-timed, precision-delivered horn fly control with the rotational use of two potent insecticides in the same season.  With VetGun and the AiM family of products, horn fly control is, for the first time, easily, conveniently and cost-effectively delivered while doing so in a way that works to overcome resistance.

Because of VetGun's accuracy, producers could apply a more precise dose of insecticide to each animal, than can be achieved with self-dosing, non-confined methods such as back rubber and dust bags.  In addition application can occur at the best possible time for a  particular treatment. This means cattle are not overexposed or underexposed to parasiticides,  applying the principles of precision medicine to the animal health industry.

Getting a 1-2 punch on horn flies – AND controlling lice

The following is a sample rotation schedule of how AiM-L and AiM-A VetCaps could be used for control of both horn fly and lice within the same season and year.


Effective and proven control

The effectiveness of AiM-A Abamectin against horn flies is proven.  In an independent field trial1, AiM-A VetCaps were applied to test cattle with significant horn fly burdens. AiM-A provided knock down and control of horn flies and remained 95% effective in control of flies through four weeks.

1  Efficacy Comparison in Central Texas, July 13, 2016

The economic benefits to the industry and cattle producers alike.

The leading cause of economic loss in the cattle industry is parasites, particularly horn flies. Overall, horn flies cost the U.S. cattle industry nearly $1 billion per year. Horn flies can interrupt cattle from grazing and cause a loss of as much as one pint of blood per day, which can result in 30% less weight gain in just 80 days. Conservatively, if not treated effectively, this can cost a producer $68/head income loss.

Proven customer satisfaction and market potential

In a recent annual VetGun Survey2 of 500 VetGun customers, not only did the VetGun Delivery System receive a 94% customer satisfaction rating, but 99% found it convenient to use. Furthermore, 95% indicated purchase intent if an additional VetGun Horn Fly Treatment Chemical Class product was introduced that, when used in rotation with the existing AiM-L VetCap product, would help combat horn fly resistance.

2 2016 VetGun Customer Satisfaction Tracking Survey_Dec2016

SmartVet continues to bring its pipeline of products to life, and is excited about continuing to bring innovative new products to the market every year.