beef101logor1On Thursday June 19, 2014, SmartVet hosted a number of east coast delegates to an insightful; informative and educational industry Beef101 Day in the heart of U.S. cattle country. The morning was spent at SmartVet's Olathe Kansas headoffice listening to leading industry experts - an overview of the Beef Cattle Production Industry; how it operates; animal health-care; parasite management; and economic sustainability with China gearing up to become one of the leading importers of the world's beef supply. Thereafter delegates boarded a bus and were taken on a tour of a professionally operated Kansas Cattle Ranch where a lot of the morning's theory was then seen in real life; including live cattle herding; yarding and running through the headgate for demonstration of traditional parasite treatments. Then it was all aboard the ATV's and into the pasture where SmartVet's new VetGun Delivery System was demonstrated with 1 person treating up to 20 head of cattle in as little as 15 minutes. The highlight of the day for many delegates was seeing who was the best shot as they each fired off several VetGun rounds at a dummy cow target, complete with real cow hide.

Download the Delegate Pack and Speaker powerpoint presentations, click here: Beef101 Day (June 19, 2014)

View full-length video of days proceedings (3h 50 mins): click here

View editted version of days proceedings (58 mins): click here

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