SmartVet, a leading international innovator in animal healthcare, has announced the launch of a revolutionary new delivery system, set to change the landscape of parasite management in cattle. Using best practice methods, a rancher working alone can dose up to 100 cattle per hour.

The VetGun is the only dosing system not requiring animal handling; herding; yarding; or running cattle through the chute. It allows dosing to take place in the field from a safe distance, thereby reducing stress and the chance of injuries to cattle and ranchers alike. 

VetGun is a precision-engineered CO2-powered application device that delivers a new dosage form called a VetCap. The VetCap is a purpose developed gelatine capsule filled with a specialized pour-on developed by SmartVet for remote delivery using the VetGun. The VetCaps are fired from the VetGun and specially designed to fragment upon impact, taking almost instantaneous effect at relieving a horn fly burden. The first VetCaps commercially available are the AiM (Advanced Insecticide Management) line of products . AiM-L®, (Lambda Cyhalothrin with Piperonyl Butoxide) has been developed for control of horn flies, face flies, biting lice and sucking lice on beef cattle.

“VetGun is so quick, simple and effective that one person working alone can treat an entire herd in the field, resulting in major savings of labor; time and money. Not only does it allow for convenient timing of insecticide application to deliver maximum parasite control, it also allows for precise dosage control,” said Randall Tosh, SmartVet’s Vice President of Business Development. He continued, “It also reduces animal stress which in turn leads to improved feed conversion efficiencies, weight gain, overall health and productivity which add to the producers’ profitability. VetGun can even substantially contribute to alleviating horn fly resistance.”
The VetGun Delivery System is being lauded by industry specialists such as RFD TV DocTalk’s Dr. Dan Thompson,DVM Professor of Clinical Sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Director of the Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University. Launched in June 2013, VetGun and the AiM-L VetCaps will only be available in select states until national rollout is completed in 2014. To see the VetGun in action, view the video demonstration at
VetGun and VetCaps were developed by SmartVet, leading innovators in large animal healthcare. Based in Olathe Kansas, SmartVet was co-founded by a fourth generation cattle rancher and specializes in finding simple, logical solutions to everyday animal health challenges.
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